I'm walking a musical path of self-expression and unity. I believe in the music's power to transcend barriers and unite us all, a sentiment that echoes in every note I play.

Guru Purnima Tribute - Journey of Knowledge | Instrumental Homage

Experience a spiritual journey of knowledge this Guru Purnima with an enchanting instrumental tribute. Embracing the wisdom of our gurus, this melody combines traditional Indian music with contemporary tones, embodying wisdom, unity, and love.The captivating dialogue between the flute and the violin symbolizes the relationship between a seeker and a guru, transcending boundaries and resonating the spirit of the eternal quest for knowledge.

Kabir Das Tribute - Harmonious Unity in Wisdom | Instrumental Homage

Immerse yourself in this instrumental tribute to the timeless wisdom of Kabir Das, the mystic poet who embodied spiritual unity and harmony. This melody seeks to reflect Kabir's teachings - unity in diversity, love beyond boundaries, and inner purity. His profound yet straightforward 'Dohas' or couplets continue to inspire and enlighten. Join us in this divine musical experience and let the melody resonate with your spirit.

Chanda se lipatkar | A Hindi Ballad of Love and Longing

Embark on an emotional journey with our latest Hindi song, 'Chanda se lipatkar', a captivating ballad of love and longing. This melody, sung in Hindi by Shekhar Gupta and featuring lyrics by Raj Silswal, weaves a vivid narrative of life, love, and shared experiences. More than just a song, it's a reflection of our dreams, struggles, and aspirations. We hope this melody, produced by Biju Sharman, resonates with you, stirring your spirit and inspiring you to hum along. Join us on this enchanting journey.